Integrated Road Management

Smart RATS

(Smart phone based Roadway Assessment Total Solution)

We are developing a "Smart phone based Roadway Assessment Total Solution"with Pave Tec Korea Co.,Ltd.

Smart phone based Roadway Assessment Total Solution helps the road pavement maintenance work to be carried out more systematically and efficiently by managing the entire process required for road pavement maintenance (inspection and evaluation of pavement conditions, pavement structure design, manufacturer and manufactured goods management, construction control, and road asset management)

Classification Name Description
Road Portal Network Level Pavement Management System (PMS) Pavement condition survey, Construction Method Selection, Budget Estimation
Porthole Report Pothole Report System (PNS) Porthole Real-time reporting
Cavity Management Roadway Cavity Management System (SMS) GPR Survey information management, Cavity Prediction
Survey evaluation Field Survey and Analysis System(FSAS) Check the current condition of pavement which requires the repair
Crack Analysis System(CAS) Analysis of the length/area/severity of the crack
Pavement design Falling Weight Deflectometer Analysis System (FWDAS) Calculation of pavement layer elastic factor
Pavement Structure Design System(PSDS) Pavement thickness calculation
Manufacturing management Manufacturing Management System (MMS) Supply Source Approval calculation
Manufacturing Process Management System(MPMS) Manufacturing process management document calculation
Quality Management Mix Design System (MDS) Optimized aggregate gradation, optimum asphalt content calculation
Construction management Construction Quality Management System(CQMS) Conformity assessment of construction quality standard
Asset management Inventory Management System (IMS) Survey section, survey contents, analysis result management
Inventory Statistics Analysis System (ISAS) Subject map, statistical analysis function


Main functions

Pavement management
Porthole report
Road cavity management
Construction quality management