Business Area

We work in various fields such as public administrative service, IOT/Big Data solution development, GIS engine.
System Development

Implementation of support services for administrative work in areas such as facility management, disaster management, asset management, etc.

  • Implementation of services in each sector
  • Implementation of business support for each process
  • Implementation of public infrastructure asset management services

Research and development on the elements necessary to establish a spatial information platform such as GIS engine development, mobile and big data analysis

  • GIS engine development
  • Development of a road management platform
  • Development of a facility management platform
  • Development of a disaster management platform
Building a database
  • Orthophotography map
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Digital Mapping
  • 3D spatial information DB construction
Business Planning and Consulting
  • Overall process consulting, from the central and local governments to the construction of DBs, and the system design, etc.
  • Provide professional industry-specific consulting based on experiences in GIS and system-related projects.
  • Design a mid/long-term vision of a business